19 août 2010

late for soccer practice

Today I ran out of my supply of espresso, so I had to have normal coffee at work, which threw me off the high-horse of my hot affair a bit.

As a result around 4pm or so, my body finally crashed, and I stopped thinking about anything more than work. Normally I pick up the boys and cart them to soccer practice, but today I became so absorbed in thoughts of work as a result of needing to put more effort into concentrating on it that I failed to remember to leave work on time.

The result, an awesome looking editorial on sex and intimacy, and two very upset, and late-for-practice children.

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16 août 2010

My Love


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Espresso Maker

My love

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11 août 2010


Today during work my secret affair with espresso had my boss recognize me towards the end of a meeting. He thanked me for all the hard work and examplary performance I was responsible for. Talk about awesome! The flirtfair my husband offered me after I told him about incited something different than our usual TV watching after dinner. I haven't felt this beautiful in a while.

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09 août 2010

Close call

My secret was almost discovered yesterday morning when one of the kids was sick, causing my husband to get out of bed earlier than usual. I had everything out and ready to begin preparing my elixer when I heard him on the steps. A few quick movements, and I had everything away before he managed to enter the kitchen to start the coffee maker.

Now why don't I just drink coffee do you ask? Two reasons:

  1. It's simply not strong enough
  2. My husband think's I'm naturally bubbly, something I enjoy eminating in the bedroom and beyond (good thing he doesn't know I have a blog now...)

Fortunately, after a few minutes, he went back upstairs to take a shower, giving me just enough time to brew my delicious beverage and enjoy it to the fullest while reading the morning newspaper.

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12 juillet 2010

My secret drug….

I don’t think anyone even suspects this…but I have been engaging in a secret affair for some time now. It’s a ritual I perform every morning before everyone else wakes up. I’m not sure how no one smells it, of course that may be the result of me being the only one that enters the kitchen in the morning.

It is an indulgence that I enjoy like nothing else…one which brings me to such a mood that I can easily accomplish morein my day much easier. For example, if I’m looking for say…..an online match (http://www.datebeach.com/online-match.htm) for a product my company makes, I’m much more willing to accomplish this normally mundane and uneventful task. Not something I normally enjoy, however as a result of my little ritual I always find ways to make it exciting. It’s like being able to put up with the flirtfair at the bar and still have a good time even though I’m married.

Normally I can’t put up with this, but somehow…someway I make it work, which is awesome with my co-workers. Even though some would consider it to be similar to a single night of promiscuous sexual contact (http://www.flirtfair.com/sex-contact.htm) given how much energy I derive from it, but they would be wrong; they don’t know my secret. However I might go as far as to considering myself a woman seeking a man to an extent given the power hidden within.

The name of the game you ask? Simple Italian caffeination, espresso. I’m not sure if it gets much better than a datebeach like this. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in such an awesome elixir, one which has helped me link countless work projects together in order to improve the efficiency by a little over 54%.

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